The Gutter Flushers offer a professional steam cleaning and pressure washing service for all types of driveway, paving, decking and walls in waterlooville and hampshire.

Installing a block paving driveway, patio or other hard surface feature is a substantial financial investment which enhances the appearance of your home. Unfortuanately, without proper maintenance these areas can soon discolour and become an eyesore and sometimes a slip hazard as weeds, algae, moss and lichen build up on hard surfaces over time. Cleaning your drive, paving or decking can be a messy, time consuming job if you don't have the correct equipment, thats where the Gutter Flushers come in!

We use a state of the art floor spinner cleaning machine which combines steam and high pressure to clean hard surfaces, effectively bringing your driveway/patio/decking back to life and instantly restoring the kerb appeal of your home.


Before we start any job we will check that drainage is sufficient to manage the water that we will use. Once this is done all the hard work is down to our super spinning floor cleaner. This is the best equipment for the job as it has three jets of steam spinning underneath which removes any moss, algae or lichen with relative ease.


Driveway Path & Patio Cleaning

Once the cleaning and re-sanding is complete it is worthwhile considering having the area treated with a sealant. This helps to:

Strengthen and maintain the paving performance by bonding the sand

Inhibits the re-growth of weeds, moss, algae and lichen,

Helps to prevent the colonisation of ants nests,

Reduces the surface porosity, so resisting the penetration of stains,

Enhances the appearance, particularly older paving blocks and

Renders the area easier to maintain.


Once the floor spinner has done its job we need to wait for the entire area to dry. This is so that we can re-sand the area, using fine, Kiln dried sand to replace any that has been lost during the cleaning process, ensuring that the paving stays in place and is still able to take a heavy load without breaking up.

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