Gutters and downpipes have one duty: controlling rainfall around your home. Maintaining the guttering system of your home is essential for its health! 







Many homeowners wait to get their gutters cleared until they notice a problem. Unfortunately, this is like waiting to lower your cholesterol until you have a heart attack! The guttering system protects the outer skin of your home by carrying rainwater from the roof to the downpipes and on into a drain or soakaway. Blocked gutters can lead to damp walls, mould growth, rotten roof supports and foundation damage.

Key signs of a blocked guttering system include :

Dirt or debris on the outside of the gutter.

This occurs when the gutter overflows, carrying silt and debris, leaving stripes and grime on the outside of the gutter.

Loose, warped or sagging gutters.

Loose or sagging gutters are a sign that they are clogged with silt or debris weighing down the entire guttering system.

Visible obstructions such as leaves, weeds or grass.

If you can see grass or weeds growing then your gutters are clogged to the max. This means any rainfall has no way to escape, except over the edge and down the side of your house.

Discoloured or wet external walls.

This is a sign water is over topping your gutters and running down the side of your home and possibly into your foundations.

Fascia boards showing signs of peeling paint or rot.

If the paint on your fascias is peeling this indicates rainwater is escaping the gutters and running along the fascia. This can lead to the whole fascia coming loose and the gutter coming away from the side of the house.

Drip line or trench under the gutter.

This is a sure sign that your gutters are not working correctly and that rainwater could be putting the foundations of your house at risk.


To prevent costly repair work it is recommended that all gutters and downpipes are cleared of silt and debris at least once a year. How do you feel about going up the ladder, to roof height, whilst balancing a bucket and spade? Do you have a conservatory in the way? Do your gutters overhang a narrow alley where it is dangerous to erect a ladder?

None of these things are a problem for The Gutter Flushers! Using our super cyclonic gutter vac we can suck and flush the silt, debris and weeds from your gutters and downpipes, letting the rainwater run safely away from your home and straight down the drain. Our carbon fibre extendable poles can reach right over your conservatory and navigate the narrowest of alleyways. All of this and our feet stay firmly on the ground because our poles can extend up to 70 feet. We always tidy up after ourselves and don't use any chemicals so there is no impact on the environment.


Not only do we unblock your gutters and downpipes. We can use our extendable steam wand to clean the outsides of dirt and debris, we can fix damaged gutters or even replace the entire guttering system. Get in touch for all your guttering needs!











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